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We have assembled the largest Beverage packaging technical FAQ library in the world. Written by a team of experts to help you find the most innovative Beverage packaging solution in the market.


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Packaging Solutions

for Beverages


A wide range of machines: flow pack horizontal machines, vertical form fill and seal machines, multi-head weighing systems and loading systems that produce aesthetically appealing and robust packages that are ideal also for products having different shapes and dimensions.

PV200 Liquids


Beverage Packaging Primer




Beverages are a pivotal element of the world population’s eating habits


When we talk about beverages we mean any drinkable liquid, for the purpose of quenching one’s thirst, for recreational means or for ritual or cultural customs. Drinking, other than being fundamental and irreplaceable factor for human survival (the complete elimination of liquids from the human body is the fastest way to kill it), has symbolized through the centuries a huge and important side of the socialization.


The various types of beverages


Beverages are divided among four big categories:

    1. water
    2. milk
    3. non-alcoholic drinks
      • fruit juices
      • soft drinks (carbonated and non carbonated)
      • tea and coffee
    4. alcoholic drinks
      • fermented drinks: wine, beer, cider
      • distilled drinks: examples are vodka, whisky, grappa


The benefits of packing beverages in flexible packages can be summarized in:

  • It is easy to manage and dispose of
  • It is resistant and light
  • It preserves and protects the product
  • Safety during and after transportation
  • It is re-closable


PFM and the beverages packaging


PFM offers its vast experience in he packaging sector with the availability of vertical packaging machines and form Fill Seal machines for standard bags with three seals.

D-Series is a full range of of Stand up pouch machines designed in simplex, duplex and triplex version.
PFM D-Series is completely servo-driven, which offers immediate benefits such as a perfect micrometric check on package movement and constant monitoring of all sealing unit pressures.
Greater productivity, faster format changes and precise package control are made possible by the independent mechanism control achieved with the 18-20 servomotors. It produces stand up pouches also with multi format options. Five good reasons to choose pouch and go beyond packaging:

Ask us about Beverage packaging. We can help, promise.

We really want to help you. Our Company, PFM has a wide range of dedicated cutting and wrapping lines for the beverage packaging sector. We can develop custom-designed, innovative solutions, including automatic lines. We provide a wide rage of beverage Flow Wrap packaging machinery

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